Utility Room
The utility room is where new utilities are being created, the owner of the building lends out his tools to the community, some are mystical, some are fun, and some just don't make any sense
Magic 8 Ball Magic 8 Ball
Text Templating Text Templating
Memory Test Memory Test
The Lab
This is where all the excitemen happens. The owner would spend hours and hours in there testing out his idea
Audio Experiment Audio Lab
{ALT} Turbo C Style
The Library
This is a strange looking room that is labeled 'The library', you cannot see anything other than a giant screen in the room
Collection See Collection

swu's workshop

You wake up from your thoughts because you feel this incredible sense of honour and pride emanating in the air.

In front of you is a magnificant estate and you almost hear it calling out to you: "Come, let me show you around"

You take a few steps forward and see this wooden sign

- Welcome to swu's workshop -

Where power of imagination comes to life

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