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Really must read articles

How to Build a Working Digital Computer

Demo of the paper clip computer

Articles I enjoyed reading previously

  1. Code Project - Offline Javascript app with HTML5
  2. UWT3 Blog - Super C++ Template Tetris
  3. - Writing Compelling Code
  4. InfoQ - Software - Is it "Engineering"

What I have read and enjoyed


  1. Beast: The Top Secret Ilmor-Penske Race Car That Shocked the World at the 1994 Indy 500
    • It got me, I actually want to start following races now
    • An incredible journey of an incredible engineering feat

Favourite Blogs:

  1. Joel on Software
  2. Scott Hanselman
  3. Coding Horror
  4. Facebook Technical blog
    • Very interesting blog that gives us a sneak peek of what goes into the making of the cutting edge technology

Articles I enjoyed previously

  1. From
  2. From Motherboard
  3. BBC News - Man builds giant processor at home
  4. Pluralsight - Full stack developer: Do they still exist?
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