I have came into a somewhat of a web design epiphany and made a pretty significant change to the website.

Of course you won't notice because nobody visits here, so

What was it that I realized?

We are doing personal websites wrong!

But why?

Let's think about how Internet came about and why people made personal websites, it was about sharing, presenting and socialize, and what has it become now?

If you do a duck duck go search, all the hits are about personal branding, job seeker, show-off what you can do.
That's not what Internet is about, we are too concerned about ourselves that we forget the most value we have is what we can offer to others.

Having a web space was not about how it could land better jobs and earn more money, it was about sharing what you know.

It should not be a resume, neither should it be just a store

So what should it be?

I think web is a hub, where communities form, everything else is secondary. Youtube should be about sharing video, for like minded people to come together and not for nasty comments. But when it is marketed as a Product, people forget that it's a community and abuse it

Wordpress is supposed to be a community builder, now it has become a major branding tool for small businesses.

We forget web is a community space and not a mall, it is in a very sad state right now where every website is either selling you something, your selling you.

I mean it's nice to make some income to supplement the hosting cost and everything, I'm simply saying it should not be the primary focus.

So what am I doing about it?

It was actually somewhat simple actually, I changed the description and text of my pages to create an experience. Rather than saying this is what I've done and this is what the tool does. I tried to make it into a tour of a grand Estate.

It would be even more awesome if I had graphics and navigations to match it, it is going to be a future project.

Is this working?

Well, I don't know, leave a comment and let me know what you think.