Yay! Now I have a blog. This is when I feel the website is finally taking off.

Let me explain what this place is. It is more than a website, this will be a place where ideas fly.

I call it the Incubator of ideas, I hope this is not only an incubator for me, but also for all of you.

There is a dreamer in all of us, we all just need a little push from others, and I hope I can provide that push.

That is why I will be documenting my ideas here, and I hope you will, too.

It's not JUST a website, it is also a place to experiment, and to dream

Just as a quick outline, here's what I have planned for this website

1) Utilities - Any fun utilities I made, they will most likely be a one page javascript utility

2) Lab - This is where I will be putting on some more involved projects.

3) Blog - Where I will explain the thought process behind the projects I put up on the website as well as any tools I have created to streamline this process