In case you haven't heard of it yet, there is a

$9.00 mini computer out in the market to compete with Raspberry Pi computers

Check it out

It was originated from a kick starter campaign and after their successful campaign, they are creating a whole series of cool stuff.

Anyway, I have spent a day with it and I love it.

To me, the best selling point is that you can set it up without having a monitor, with a Raspberry Pi, you absolutely need to plug it into a monitor, keyboard and mouse to set up. 

But a C.H.I.P computer can be set up using a micro-usb cable by itself, and it's simple.

So here are the resources I used to get this setup working on my Windows 7 laptop

1. Headless setup of C.H.I.P

Caveat: I wasn't able to start the C.H.I.P directly from my USB port probably couldn't provide enough power, which means I wasn't able to connect to the computer directly through serial port, luckily I have a 3.7V battery to power it up.

2. Install a driver if you are using Windows

Sounds like there was an update which requires some editing of a driver file, which I did not have, luckily there are some nice folks who have made it easy for us windows folks

3. Connect via Putty

4. Configure network

Short story, try running sudo nmtui, great tool to use to configure wifi over Putty

5. Set up remote desktop

You can also use VNC, I personally have not tried it as I think I will spend most of my time over SSH

And TADA!! Now you can access your C.H.I.P any time!

First project. Get it to display its IP address on an LCD monitor